I work with couples to support them as a Day of Coordinator. Many couples I work with are DIY and using different vendors to carry out specific details, so it is important to have someone to tie all of the pieces together and be available to consult for an overview of the day.

Basic package | $1200 for 20 hours

A typical breakdown is:

  • 5 hours for emails, meetings, collecting information from vendors, timeline development
  • 2 hours for rehearsal
  • 13 hours for day of


First, I would be available to you as you plan to offer suggestions and to make sure you’re thinking of all of the details that come up so that nothing is left incomplete.

Second, I do a walk-through of the venue with you so that I have a good idea about your vision for the day. This is a great opportunity for me to help predict some of the “little things” that may need additional planning.

Next, a few weeks before your wedding, I will go through all notes and information and develop a first look timeline and will help you to strategize for things that need more planning.

The day before, I will orchestrate your rehearsal to make sure there are no hiccups the next day, At this time, I also collect all last edits or adjustments and work that night to make the final timeline that can be sent to all of your vendors and anyone from your wedding party.

Finally, on the day of your wedding, I will be working and onsite from 10 or 11am through until the end of the reception – about 13 hours. I will bring you and your

party/family lunch and/or snacks and then I am off to the venue to ensure that the final decoration details are completed, all supplies have arrived, and that all vendors are fulfilling the plan.

Throughout the day, I will be the one on the ground to problem solve should anything need a quick change or a new plan. I am there to assist you and your fiancé as well as your family and wedding party. I am also available to help with the chaos of photos and making sure every speech and toast giver is cued and know when they are needed. As a whole, I make sure that your plan is seen through.

Although I do not fold up tables, stack chairs or dismantle lights etc; I stay at the venue through the clean up process to make sure it is all completed. At this time I also pack up your decor or personal items and leftovers for you to make the end of your night easier and smooth. We are the last ones out.

If extra time is needed, the hourly rate becomes $40/hr.  

Depending on the level of DIY, a second person may be needed for logistical reasons and/or for cleanup etc. The added fee for a day of assistant is $250 

Let us help you make your special day perfect!