Schleppers Concierge will support you to promote a work-life balance for you and your employees.

By giving your employees the gift of time, you are rewarding your bottom line exponentially.


  • Maximize productivity in your staff, improving production
  • Keep your workers in the office while we take care of their to-do list
  • Maximizing their time at work improves your bottom line
  • Happy Employers = Happy Employees


  • Schleppers will handle your employees’ home to-do list so that they can remain focused while at work
  • We can take care of an employee’s time sensitive errand that could pull them away from their work day
  • Happy Employees = More Revenue

How it works

  • Employers pay for the time for a Schlep so that employees can remain at work
  • Employees pay for any purchases made during the Schlep
  • Some of our corporate clients use the service as an incentive or reward or to support departments working through an annual busy season
Find out how we can help you keep your employees happy and productive!